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HCC Medical Insurance Services

Operating under the direction of HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc., HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC offers a wide array of insurance products primarily to travelers. The company also delivers health and life insurance policies to people living in more than 130 countries. Founded in 1998 as one of the pioneers of delivering Internet-based insurance products, HCCMIS believes in providing customers with the ability to purchase products, change their policies and maintain their coverage entirely online. If you need a short-term health policy or STHP, then HCCMIS can afford you several customizable options.

HCC Medical Insurance Service’s STHPs

HCCMIS promotes itself as a company dedicated to travelers, but the company also delivers short-term health insurance products to families and individuals younger than 65. Members can choose their level of coverage, the amount of their deductible, how much they pay in coinsurance and other factors that address their needs. HCCMIS offers short-term insurance products to people nationwide with the exception of those living in Utah, Minnesota, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Because individual plans may vary by need and location, the company does not provide an outline of the benefits included. However, there are some general features available to those who take advantage of HCCMIS’s temporary medical plans. Customers enjoy:

Keep in mind that most STHPs include coverage for doctor’s visits due to illness, emergency room visits, ambulance transport and other unexpected medical expenses because they’re designed to fill a short-term need in case something happens. Many STHPs do not cover routine provider visits, pre-existing conditions or the 10 essential benefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

Under the ACA, insurance companies are also prohibited from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, short-term insurance plans do not have to adhere to the ACA’s requirements because these plans are not considered qualified health plans under the new law. If you choose to enroll in an STHP in lieu of a major medical plan, then you’ll be charged a penalty fee by the IRS when you file your taxes. Temporary coverage offers you peace of mind during transitional periods in your life, but it’s not supposed to act as primary or long-term insurance. Understand the risks before signing up.

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