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IHC Health Solutions operates a network of insurance carriers that offer the following products: individual and group dental, prescription cards, overseas travel medical plans and short-term insurance. The company provides plans nationwide and promotes itself as a business that “specializes in developing, marketing and administering affordable niche health insurance products” according to its website. Short-term health plans or STHPs help people who need temporary coverage. Recent college graduates, for example, might sign up for a short-term policy while they search for a job that offers major medical coverage. If you need temporary coverage for this or any other reason, then IHC Health Solutions may offer the product you seek.

IHC Health Solution’s STHPs

Depending on where you live, you can enroll in an STHP from IHC Health Solutions that lasts from 30 days to 364 days. Many insurers only offer short-term plans up to six months. The company’s products are underwritten by Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York, which is a member of the overarching IHC Group. You can choose from two plans with different levels of coverage as described below:

It’s important to note that IHC Health Solution calls its plans short-term “major medical insurance,” but this phrase is slightly misleading. Major medical insurance typically refers to insurance plans that cover a full range of medical benefits. Under the Affordable Care Act, major medical plans must offer 10 essential benefits and provide for certain consumer protections. Insurers also can’t deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions with major medical insurance.

Short-term health plans do not qualify as major medical or qualifying health plans under the ACA. If you enroll in an STHP instead of a major medical plan, then you need to understand that you will owe the government a shared responsibility fee when you file your taxes each year. Temporary coverage can be a great solution while you’re in transition or waiting for the next open enrollment period to begin for major medical coverage, but it’s not a good choice for primary, long-term coverage.

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