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At, our focus is helping educate consumers about all of the facts surrounding short term health plans. Education is the first key to creating an excellent experience for our clients. Short term health insurance is not a one size fits all product, in fact, some people will not be able to qualify for short term health insurance. By working with STHP, you can always have peace of mind in knowing that our organization cares more about  consumers than short term profits. That’s precisely why we are so transparent and honest about short term health plans and that they are only a short term solution for only a select group of individuals.

For example, the very first thing you need to know about short term insurance, is that it is not ACA (Obamacare) compliant. If you are seeking out a short term plan simply to comply with the individual mandate and avoid a tax penalty, short term plans are not going to help you.

By making this the very first piece of information we provide, there is no doubt we are losing out on a lot of additional business. Many people don’t read the fine print, many don’t ask all of the questions that they need to. If we simply provided you with a list of options and didn’t make it a point to let you know right away about the biggest problem with short term health insurance, we would make significantly more money.

We would however be doing you a great disservice and ultimately your experience would be a negative one. Honesty and transparency are incredibly important to our clients, therefore it is just as important to us.

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Another major difference between STHP and other websites, is that we are not an insurance agency or brokerage. We chose not to be one simply because by not being a broker or agency, we can offer our clients a much larger selection of plans to choose from. Brokers and agents will only offer you access to the policies that they can sell. It isn’t possible for every agent to offer every plan available simply because there are thousands to choose from.

With STHP, you are working an authority on short term health plans, and we offer not only a large selection of plans but an excellent informational resource that you can rely on to be accurate and working with your best interest in mind.

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