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Popular Short-Term Health Insurance Companies

Who Are Some of the Most Popular Short-Term Health Insurance Companies?

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Short-term health insurance is a temporary type of coverage that helps to fill in the gaps when a person temporarily does not have coverage available to them. These plans offer coverage for a short amount of time and are ideal for individuals who are in-between jobs or those waiting for a new health insurance plan to take effect. Others who may benefit from short-term insurance include college graduates who will soon be dropped from their parent’s plan, individuals who have retired early, or those who are almost eligible for Medicare.

Short-term insurance plans usually provide coverage anywhere from six to twelve months. This time frame can vary from one company to another. Individuals who are in need of a longer coverage period should look into a renewable health insurance plan instead of going with a short-term plan.


The application process for short-term insurance is much simpler than other types since the plans are set up to protect the individual against accidents or unforseen illnesses instead of comprehensive care. Because of that, it usually does not cover preventive care, immunizations, physicals, dental care or vision care.

Popular Short-Term Health Insurance Companies

Aetna – Short Term Health Insurance

Aetna offers a wide selection of traditional and short-term health insurance plans that are affordable and feature plenty of options for enrollees. They also offer a number of savings plans that can help supplement the high cost of health care. Aetna does not offer coverage in every US state, those interested in learning more about plan eligibility will need to fill out a short questionaire before they apply to make sure that coverage is available in their state.

Assurant Health – Short Term Health Insurance

Assurant Health provides short-term health insurance for up to six months. Their coverage helps pay for both inpatient and outpatient care and enrollees are able to choose which doctor or hospital they want to go to. Their coverage plans are around 70 percent less expensive than COBRA, however they do not provide coverage for any pre-existing conditions or for wellness benefits.

E-Health Insurance

Known as one of the very best online short-term health insurance providers, E-Health insurance ofers an assortment of flexible plans that are affordable and can last up to 12 months. The online application process is simple and secure. Enrollees can expect to have coverage begin within 24 hours. Free quotes are available on the company’s website.

United Health One – Short Term Health Insurance

United Health One offers short-term health insurance plans for families and individuals. They have three coverage options available that have been designed for any situation and budget. The plans are available for any age group and United Health One strives to process up to 94% of all their insurance claims in 12 business days or less.

Celtic – Short Term Health insurance

Celtic’s short-term insurance plan includes coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, surgical fees, and emergency room costs. It takes less than five minutes to apply for coverage and their temporary plans can last from one month up to 12 months. Enrollees have access to Celtic’s national Private Health Care Systems prefrred provider network. The company offers coverage in only 30 states so it is important that anyone who is interested takes the time to find out more about the company before applying.

Short-term insurance plans can be very beneficial for individuals who only need coverage for a short amount of time. When applying for a short-term plan, keep in mind that no two insurance companies are the same and it is always a good idea to do plenty of research and shop around before applying.These five companies can offer an assortment of benefits to individuals and families who are in need of temporary coverage before their long-term health insurance plan goes into effect. There are short-term plans available for every budget, making it possible to get coverage that is less expensive than choosing not to have any health insurance at all.

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