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Short Term Health Care Plans – Current Plans From Top Insurance

With the advent of Obamacare, many Americans are being forced into the purchase of short term health care plans. Unable to afford Obamacare, yet even more unable to afford the substantial fines that come with having no health insurance, these people are finding a viable solution in short term health care plans. Business owners are also investing in short term health care plans for some employees to wean them off of company plans.

If you are looking for short term health care, here are some of the best options for you.

Assurant Health Short Term Health Insurance

One of the best options for covering gaps between long-term health care coverage options is the individual plan that Assurant Health provides. With a relatively low cost per month for individuals or families, this plan still provides all the things that Americans have come to expect from their health care. The company also offers the option for people to save 20% they may in upfront payment rather than paying month-to-month.

As for the features of the plan, they include hospital, ambulance and prescription drug benefits. They also include transplant benefits up to $100,000 and various deductible choices to help with premium payments.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Short Term Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance has always been one of the best options for people who live in the southern part of the United States. Offering dental and visual insurance along with medical benefits, Blue Cross also has many options in short term health insurance plans. These options are not quite as convenient as their long-term plan; however, in many parts of the country, they are the only game in town.

Most Blue Cross plans cover major medical expenses. Most of the better BCBS options can be quite expensive for an individual. However, the coverage is usually wide open, and Blue Cross always seems to have a wider network of doctors in the areas that they cover. This means that you can usually keep the doctor that you are with if you switch to a Blue Cross short-term health care plan.

United Health Care One Short Term Health Insurance

UnitedHealthCare offers short-term insurance plans with a special discount for military personnel in certain cases. Although they are a smaller company than some of the others in this list, their coverage is quite expansive, and most hospitals will accept their insurance. They also make up for their lack of size with their coverage in the optional dental and visual add-on policies. Their deductibles are lower, and their co-pays never seem to rise over time like so many of the other healthcare companies on the list.

The company offers plans for individuals as well as families. This makes it an excellent option for people who are looking for new employment or people who have lost their health care insurance at their current job.

Aetna Short Term Health Insurance

Of all of the healthcare providers on the list, Aetna has the most options when it comes to short term health care insurance. The deductible options and the types of plans that are available are as expensive as their long-term healthcare options. Unlike the other companies on the list, there is a no deductible plan as well as high deductible plans geared towards young people who are looking for a smaller premium.

This company also covers many mental health problems that are not covered under the plans of the other healthcare providers.

Cigna Short Term Health Insurance

Cigna offers many different options for short-term health insurance that are perfect for families with a breadwinner in between jobs. Most of their offerings seem to focus on the family, as the price for their individual short-term plans is not as competitive as their family short-term plans. They are also very comprehensive when it comes to covering children and elderly dependents of breadwinners.

Deductibles are higher with these plans than with most other choices on this list; however, the coverage is quite expansive. There are many treatments and prescription drugs that are covered in Cigna plans that are associated with deficiencies in children and in older adults.

Be sure to have a talk with a trusted financial and medical advisor before committing yourself to any of the plans above. Make sure to read all of the terms thoroughly so that you know exactly what you are getting into, no matter which company you choose.

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